Popular Karate instructors Chris and Dianne Long have established the Fudoshin Shitoryu Karate dojo in Cairns.
Chris has been teaching karate locally since the 1980’s where as a former police officer he took free classes and used karate as a sport to help promote and realise what has now become the successful Cairns P.C.Y.C.
Dianne began training karate in the early 1980’s and has competed and placed at State level competitions, competed at National level and also supervised teams at both state and National level.

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Chris and Dianne Long of Fudoshin Shitoryu Karate in Cairns are both seasoned instructors with thirty years experience each.  They both have diverse and interesting backgrounds and are rich in life experience.  Chris started working life as a stockman on Queenslands largest cattle station, later served as a police officer and commercial pilot and is also an accomplished potter, bush poet and writer.   Dianne has a glittering sporting history and has competed at State and National level in several sports including karate.

She still holds an unbroken running record from her high school days and as a mother of three competed in the grueling Pyramid race to challenge herself in 2011.  This background and the right motives as well as a high karate standard make for an ideal combination as instructors for Karate in Cairns.



True traditional karate being taught around the world today, embraces the traditions of a thousand years and more.  The spirit of the martial arts is known as ‘Budo’.  This spirit has it’s source in compassion  and humanity.  A respect and correct cultivation for all things and beings in creation.  It is to live a life worth living and strive to cultivate all positive qualities within human nature and reject the negative and harmful.  It is the journey of a lifetime.

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Class Times

Mondays:- Kids (5 – 12 year olds) 5:15pm – 6:15pm.

Adults (13 yrs up) 6:15pm – 7:30pm.

Fridays:- Kids and adults combined 5:15pm – 6:15pm.

Saturdays:- Entry level class for kids and beginners, parents welcome also 9:30 – 10.30am (beginning 22nd October 2016)

What to wear: Loose clothing to begin with until ready to order a do-gi (uniform). Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle.

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